Jake R.

OMT and Prolotherapy
Elite tri-athlete back to competing and winning more races than ever after being sidelined with back and hip pain.

I knew of Dr. Kelner and through conversation prior to treatment, it was very clear to me she had an understanding of my injuries and felt confident she could help. I had seen several chiropractors, massage and physio practitioners but they all seemed to have a treatment plan in mind before even listening to my problems. Looking back on it, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money had I began treatment with Dr. Kelner sooner. As an elite tri-athlete I’ve worked with many medical professionals for various ailments that either “get it” or not. I can assure you Dr. Kelner “gets it.”

I had several muscle imbalance issues that eventually sidelined me with debilitating back and hip pain. Two years after treatment and lots of dedicated corrective exercise work in the gym, I have returned to professional racing at a high level. In 2017, I was able to win four races, set three course records and culminated with a title at the Toughman World Championships.

I’m a completely different person post treatment. That’s not to say it was an overnight change. Dr. Kelner provided great treatment that allowed my body to more or less fix itself. The progress wasn’t always linear and it has taken time, but over the past two years I have been continuing my improvement.

Dr. Kelner has passion for helping others achieve greater quality of living and she provides extremely thorough care. I would recommend Dr. Kelner to others without any hesitation.