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Regenerate instead of Operate: Help your body Heal Itself!

Jessica Kelner, D.O. - May 21, 2018

Have you had an injury that has been nagging you for a long time and just doesn't seem to be getting better? Maybe it has been preventing you from running, playing your favorite sport, or even doing something simple like picking up your child? 
You are not alone.  There are many people out there suffering in pain that are told that surgery isn't an option and to go to physical therapy or take some medication.   Why be one of those people? 
You don't have to suffer anymore.  Perhaps it is time to give Regenerative Medicine a chance? Regenerative medicine is a natural, non-surgical treatment for chronic pain, ligament injury, arthritis, and so much more!
Most often the pain from musculoskeletal injuries is due to damage to the ligaments or connective tissues in joints. In turn, the muscles surrounding the joint will go into spasm and the body will perceive pain.  Regenerative Medicine can effectively treat these types of injury, naturally healing the damaged tissue.   At FORM Medical, we offer Dextrose Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and even Stem Cells to stimulate the body to heal itself.  Through placing these solutions directly in the injured tissue, they will stimulate the body's natural healing cascade, which in turn will create healthier, stronger, more resilient tissue.  
Yes, the body can heal itself!  Sometimes, it just needs a little help. 
That is what we are here for at FORM Medical! We want to help you get back to doing what you love, pain free!
To help figure out if Regenerative Medicine is right for you, we would take a complete medical history, perform a thorough medical exam, perhaps run lab tests, perform an ultrasound exam or order other imaging of the area.  From this, we will be able to figure out exactly where the issue is, the extent of the damage, and figure out treatment options. 
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