Putting the Patient First
Focused on Preventative Care

Concierge Wellness Plan

One (1) Adult $4,000/year
Two (2) Adults $7,500/year
One (1) Adult
(if added to a familiy member's plan at a later date)

In-Depth Visits

  •  Comprehensive 60-minute annual wellness visit/executive physical focused on preventative care
  • Creation of a Personalized Goal Oriented Wellness Plan (exercise, general diet, basic supplement plan)
  • In depth Nutritional Evaluation
  • Biomechanical Evaluation 
  • Functional Medicine visits (visits for nutritional, hormonal, GI, toxicity and food sensitivity testing) 
  • Visits start on time 

No Co-Pays

  • Your annual membership covers all of your visits (in person, phone, telemedicine, email)

Same day or Next Day Appointments

  • Convenient appointments (within 24 hours)

24/7 Communication Access 

  • Telemedicine appointments available (through Facetime, RingCentral, or Skype)
  • Easy access to Dr. Kelner directly through e-mail, text, or phone
  • Same day phone call return

Nutritional Wellness Plan

  • Personalized Food/Dietary Plan and Supplement Plan specifically tailored to you! 

Low Cost Lab Testing, Medications and Radiology 

  • We will offer the best prices we can find for routine lab testing as well as help you find the lowest out of pocket costs for radiology testing and medications

Additional Benefits for Members Only

  • 1 FREE OMT Treatment with initial sign up
  • Coordinated care with other doctors
  • Electronic Medical Record with patient portal access that allows access to your medical records
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound readily available 
  • Regenerative Medicine (Prolotherapy), Trigger Point Injections, IV Therapy and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment available at a discount

Commonly Asked Questions